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Household energy storage BMS(P15S50A)

Household energy storage BMS(P15S50A)

Product InformationProduct modelP15S50A-PC15740Applicable battery pack capacity50AHAcquisition accuracyVoltage accuracy:10mV;...

Product Information

Product model


Applicable battery pack capacity


Acquisition accuracy

Voltage accuracy:±10mV

Current accuracy:±2%

SOC accuracy:±5%

Electricity meter function

SOC estimation

Applicable battery type/number of   strings


ON/OFF function


Product sizeMM


Other functions

Intelligent  balance, pre-amp   circuit, 2 dry contacts, short circuit protection

Basic function

400 storage, charging current limiting 10A, reverse connection   protection, buzzer, LED status indication, dual protection, supporting 16   parallel machines


Household energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, street lamp power   supply, monitoring power supply

Communication protocol


Product Advantages

1.High stability                      2.High-precision detection                3.Adjustable overcurrent protection

4.Temperature protection       5.Overvoltage protection                  6.A variety of sleep and wake-up methods

Application Area

Household energy storage BMS(P15S50A)(图1)

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