Human Resources

BMS Hardware Engineer

  • Working place:Nanshan District,Shenzhen
  • Number of recruits:One
  • Release time:2021-09-23

BMS hardware engineer job responsibilities:

1. Overall plan evaluation and technology research and development work

2. Detailed project design and schematic design, PCB design review, determination of key material specifications

3. Hardware debugging in development, with software and overall debugging

4. Product testing and product certification, etc.

5. Product test document writing and test review

Job requirements:

1. Major in electronics, communication, automation control or related, bachelor degree or above;

2. Familiar with lithium battery and lead-acid battery SOC calculation technology, familiar with lithium battery equalization protection technology;

3. Familiar with lithium battery safety standards and TS16949 quality system;

4. Have a solid electronic theoretical foundation, rich knowledge of electronic components, and strong hands-on ability;

5. Proficiency in using PADS software and rich experience in PCB design with 4 layers and above;

6. Extensive hardware design experience of multi-series parallel battery management system (BMS) is required. If you have experience in switching power supply design, such as battery chargers, adapters, etc., priority is given;

7. With more than 3 years of BMS product development (lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries), familiarity with Ti, Intersil, and Linear Technology solutions is preferred.

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