Human Resources

Quality Engineer

  • Working place:Nanshan District,Shenzhen
  • Number of recruits:One
  • Release time:2021-09-22

Responsibilities of quality engineer:

1. Organize a quality control plan according to the company's overall quality status, and monitor the entire quality control of the product;

2. Formulate the quality process, follow up the certification of the quality system,

3. Regularly evaluate the process or control plan, cooperate with the technical department to carry out new product trial production and quality control, and follow up on the factory to control the quality of the factory

4. Formulate product quality inspection standards; be responsible for the supervision, inspection, inspection, coordination and management of the company's incoming materials, manufacturing process, products, work and service quality;

5. Process and record customer feedback, and improve quality control based on feedback;

6. Regularly summarize product quality issues and promote relevant departments to solve them in a timely manner; regularly organize quality analysis meetings and regularly compile summary reports;

7. Analyze process capability and carry out quality improvement;

8. Determine the treatment of unqualified products, analyze the failure causes of defective products, and propose improvement plans;

9. Track the use of the product and provide suggestions for improvement;

10. Assist superiors to analyze, process and solve customer quality problems, meet the quality needs of internal and external customers, and continuously improve product quality satisfaction

11. Develop a new product quality management plan, and monitor the implementation, so that the new product quality level reaches the predetermined target;

12. Develop new suppliers and conduct quality inspections;


1. Full-time undergraduate degree

2. More than 2 years of QA experience in the electronics industry, patience, good at communication and coordination, strong adaptability, and strong organization, planning, execution and control capabilities;

3. Familiar with QA process and techniques;

4. Familiar with power supply, battery, BMS product characteristics is preferred.

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